Brazilians of African origin comprise nearly 60 percent of the total population of Brazil. It is estimated that nearly 4 million Africans were shipped to Brazil. As a result, virtually nothing in Rio remained untouched by African customs, beliefs and behavior – a state of affairs that clearly influences today’s city, with its mixture of Afro-Brazilian music, spiritualist religions and local cuisine. Portuguese colonizers, unlike colonizers in the United States, allowed Africans to continue to use their drums. Thus began the rhythm of the saints, the samba, and it explains why Brazilian “batucadas” reign unequaled today.

The Samba is a genre of music and dance. It is the most popular and well-known musical genre to come out of the African-Brazilian experience. It is a very percussive, energetic form of music. Samba is a full-fledged musical form intended for dancing, not marching. It’s rhythmically unique and culturally vital to Rio de Janeiro and other parts of Brazil. Like many music and dance genres, the samba’s roots are African. . Brazil got “the samba”, and the U.S. got “the blues”.


Round trip air from New York or Miami to  Bahia and Rio de Janeiro * 4 Star Hotel Accommodations  * Buffet Breakfast daily * African Heritage tour of Rio de Janeiro to include Corcovado (Christ Statue) * Rio by Night Show & Dinner * African Heritage City Tour of Salvador * Boa Morte Festival  in the Historical City of Cachoeira * Capoeira Workshop and Demonstration * Samba Class and Workshop * Indigenous Instruments of Brazil  Workshop and Demonstration * Folklore Cultural Show and Dinner *  Baggage Handling in and out of airports and hotels * All U.S. Airport and Departure Taxes * All Brazilian International Airport Taxes


Salvador is the capital of Bahia, a historical and magical place on the eastern coast of Brazil–an enchanting center of food, crafts, lush beaches, colonial architecture and effervescent population whose African heritage shows strongly in their culture and their lives. It was in Bahia that Brazil first developed, became rich, and blossomed as a country. Bahia is the place which better describes Brazil, for it brings in its people, its environment and in its soul, reflections of history and of the most authentic African culture. Bahia is the heart of Brazil. Bahia lives the happiness, magic and sensuality of its people. A land that lives in the mystery and cultural wealth from the art of capoeira, the songs of the fishermen, the candomble, smiles, sweetness, intelligence, friendliness, the taste for life and so many other beautiful things.


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