We offer both domestic and international travel products that range from Airline ticketing, African Tours, to Business/Leisure services. Our staff directed tours focus on Afrocentric themes that will allow participants to “look back culturally, in order to live forward.” Therefore, we call these experiences, our “Sankofa” involvements.

Our owner, Robert Triplett has past experiences including partial ownership in a fully accredited travel agency, with offices in Chicago and Manila, Philippines. Doing both ticketing and land-based tours of the Philippines for several years, he brought years of solid experience, when in 2005, he launched Tri-Africa Travel Services. Furthermore, his extensive travels to Africa and the Middle East equips him with local contacts and knowledge to offer escorted African and European tours to the following African Countries: Benin, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, London/Paris.