Travel Services

Why should you book with TATS?

What background and experience do you have?

We are experts on tours around the world. Our team is comprised of people that have developed, managed, and delivered tours for decades. In fact, our team has well over 30 years of collective experience in travel. We are completely committed to providing you with the best cruise or tours at the best prices, enabling you to enjoy the travel experience.

How do I know my tours will be high quality?

We utilize a very comprehensive process to select, develop and deliver tours for our customers. In selecting and developing tours, we only use the highest quality local operators and guides. These operators and guides are evaluated on a wide array of topics including expertise, experience, logistics, tour size, tour pace, quality of the tour components, availability and equipment. Since our group tours are escorted, our staff are available to handle customer service issues immediately. Once a tour is operational, we utilize a strict quality assurance program to ensure the tour quality remains at a very high level. If it does not, we will quickly stop offering it to our customers.

Do you offer multiple ways to book with you?

Yes. You can book on our website which we believe is the best website in the cruise and tour business. Our customers consistently tell us that shopping for and purchasing tours on our site is easy and enjoyable. If you’d rather speak with a person to book your tours we offer that service too. Most of our cruise cabin bookings for 3 or more passengers in the same cabin, require speaking with a Booking Specialist to determine pricing for the 3rd or 4th passenger. Just call the number at the top right of this page and we will be happy to help you.

What makes your website better than others?

We believe there are many things that make our website the best in the tour business. You can easily find a cruise or tours to places you might want to travel. We offer comprehensive information on every cruise or tour we offer. We don’t clutter our screens with advertisements and other unimportant information that can make shopping and buying confusing. We present specials offers and discounts in a clear way so you can get the best deals.
What sort of information do you provide me on tours?

We provide comprehensive information on all our tours. This includes a very detailed description of the tour and the duration.

What is the average group size?

We offer tours to all group sizes. However, if your group is30 or more people we try to assign 2 or more Travel Specialists to groups of that size.

Do you offer 24/7 support for travelers?

Yes. We know that when you are travelling you want to make sure you have all the support your group needs, and although, a Specialist will be traveling with your group, our local tour operator will provide you with their local contact information.
Where do you have tours?

Where are your tours?

We have an array of cruises and tours around the world, most of which have a Cultural Education component. Click to see all our destinations.